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    Multitasking ain’t easy.

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    what parents probably think school is like


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    Ladybird Spider - Eresus cinnaberinus ♂ 

    Needless to say why these spiders are known as Ladybird Spiders. Eresus cinnaberinus (Araneae - Eresidae) is one of the most attractive species of its genus, and also one of the most rare.

    They live in a vertical tube brownish silk that emerges from the ground, with a series of blue strands, anchored in the ground or nearby objects. The female, black, moves her eggs to the outside during the day and returns them to the nest at night, to maintain a constant temperature. These photos shows a wanderer male, probably looking for a female to mate.

    The species occurs in Northern and Central Europe. However, it exhibits two disjunctly distributed color and phenological variants. So, Eresus cinnaberinus was split into two presumptive species: E. cinnaberinus and E. sandaliatus

    References: [1] - [2]

    Photo credit: ©Alfonso Pereira | Locality: Soria, Spain (2011) | [Top] - [Bottom]

    Eeeeeeeeee :3

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